Our provision at Glascote Academy began operating in September 2019 in place of the old Glascote Heath Preschool.

We accommodate both two and three year olds and operate with a maximum of 30 children in any one session. All staff are qualified and trained in accordance with the Early Years Framework and have close links with the school Early Years team to ensure transition into school is both a natural progression for your child and an informed one.

Latest News

Nursery Farm Duty

29th April 2020

Today our children have put on their old clothes and pulled on their wellie  boots, ready to take their turn in caring for the animals on the farm that is situated in the grounds of Glascote Academy.

The children and staff split into small groups and were each given a responsibility that involved the care of a farm animal.

The group of children caring for the hens were amazed to find not one or two.....but four eggs! Every child got the opportunity to hold the fresh eggs and understand that the chicken is where the eggs come from, not the supermarket!

The lambs saw the children approaching carrying buckets and they began baaing very loudly, excited to see the children with feed and fresh bedding. The children went into the paddock and added the straw to their bedding to make it cosy and could get up close to touch their woolly coat, they even collected some wool that was stuck on the fencing.

Our cheeky farm goats enjoyed being taken for a walk around our school field by the children whilst their enclosure was cleaned out by an adult. What an experience that was!....I'm not sure who was in charge , but the children loved being so close to them! 

At the end of our session the children had fetched, carried, fed and watered all of the animals , they had lots of fun and what a wonderful way to learn and develop new skills.

We are so lucky to be able to offer this experience on a regular basis to all of our children, and we're looking forward to the arrival of new lambs as nursery will be on the rota to bottle feed them,exciting times ahead!

Forest Trees

Nursery Intake

15th June 2020

If your child is due to start with us in September 2020, please click here to meet the team.

Nursery Information

In Our Pride Our Joy nurseries we follow a 'child initiated' curriculum which enables children to follow their own interests and learn through quality play, whilst being supported by qualified and experienced staff. Staff are trained to observe the children and look for 'teachable moments' in which to intervene and support the child to their next steps. 

We have full access to the outdoor areas throughout the sessions and in all weathers, so children can choose their preferred area to learn within a well thought out, enabling environment. 

Parents are kept informed of their child's progress through secure online accounts which they can read, enjoy and add to so that they can play a part in the 'learning journey' their child travels along whilst with us.


"My daughter absolutely loves attending Glascote Nursery. We have been so happy with how well Lacey quickly settled into nursery. As a quiet individual, she has started to grow in confidence and is forming positive relationships with peers and all the staff.

It is nice to be greeted each morning by friendly faces. The staff are always at hand to discuss any concerns and feedback.

I particularly like the parent-nursery relationship that the nursery has striven to build. This has been done through parent workshops, coffee and chats, children’s Christmas productions, stay and plays etc.

Children are given lots of opportunities to grow and thrive. This may be through teddy bear picnics in the school forest, visits to a local nursing home and hands-on, exciting learning within and outside the classroom.

Lacey has made many special memories and friends in her time at nursery that I’m sure will stay with her for a long time."

"Charlie absolutely loves it at pre-school, he has learnt so much since he has been there, he can't wait to go and see his new friends he has made. I feel that my child is safe and well looked after and I can't thank the teachers enough for that."

Meet The Glascote Team

Miss Linda Pearson

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Mrs Maxine Wainman

Mrs Tracy Kane

Mrs Karen Coffey
Lunchtime Support

Mrs Janette Tarpey

Mrs Mandy Powell

Mrs Sarah Holmes


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